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Voices from the Community

01. Youn Su Chao.png

       I’ve seen Jonathan and Candice in action and what I respect most is the clarity and courage of their convictions. Jonathan fearlessly championed sound vaccine policy in the face of vocal and organized opposition, and Candice steered the school district through the unprecedented COVID-19 crisis, navigating a complex and polarizing debate that led to a successful return to school. This is the leadership our town needs, and this is the leadership I want our students to witness.

02. Elaine Whitney.png

       Jonathan and Candice have what it takes to lead Westport to the next level. They are deeply committed to ensuring the continued excellence of our schools as an essential pillar of our community. Jonathan is an independent thinker with a solid and consistent track record of bringing people together to find common ground and to get things done. He has steadfastly supported our schools and actively contributed to the resolution of challenges along the way, both in the RTM and as our state representative. Candice has led the Board of Education through unprecedented times and has ensured that our students continue to thrive. Jonathan and Candice have a clear vision for making Westport even stronger, and they have the skills and experience to deliver on it.

03. Lee Goldstein.png

       Westport needs selectmen who get things done. I support Jonathan Steinberg and Candice Savin because they are leaders with demonstrable achievements in governance. Over years of local and state public service, Jonathan has been instrumental in enacting legislation promoting public health and vaccines and our environment through investment in renewable energy. Candice successfully steered the school district through the pandemic, keeping staff and students safe and the doors open. I trust them to do what’s right for our schools and for all Westporters.

04. Michael Gordon.png

       It is hard to imagine someone more qualified to be our First Selectman than Jonathan. He has the unparalleled experience, vision, and contacts to lead. His first decision was a brilliant one: choosing Candice Savin as his running mate. In challenging times, she has had an enormously positive impact on Westport’s students. Together Jonathan and Candice know all of the issues that move this town and will make it better than ever.

05. Neil Phillips.png

       I have known both Jonathan and Candice as true leaders in our community, who have been consistently supportive of our amazing school district and who have effectively advocated for what is in the best interests of our greatest asset, our children. Through their collective service to this town as RTM Deputy Moderator and Board of Education Chair, respectively, Jonathan and Candice have provided exemplary leadership in their respective roles and have demonstrated an impressive understanding of the critical issues facing the town and our schools. This is the right time for new leadership in the First Selectman’s Office and Jonathan and Candice are uniquely poised to lead us forward!

06. Kristin Schneeman.png

        Jonathan Steinberg and Candice Savin are proven leaders who know what it takes to preserve the excellence of Westport's schools and make them even stronger for the future. Jonathan and his family are products of our public schools, and he knows that they are not only the key to our children's future but a foundation on which the success of the entire community is built. Candice's steady leadership of the Board of Education has guided us through an almost unimaginable crisis in COVID-19, at the same time steering the massive reconstruction of Coleytown Middle School and prioritizing future infrastructure investments. I have had the privilege of working with both of them in public service and I am confident they will tackle challenges head on and give our schools every support they need to remain the pride of Westport.

07. Mark Friedman.png

       Jonathan and Candice bring real leadership to Westport’s schools and a track record of accomplishments. With more than two decades of combined public service, this team also brings unparalleled insight. Through my work in the PTA and then the RTM, I have seen Jonathan and Candice up close, and they have earned my trust and respect.

08. Ngassam Ngnoumen.png

        I trust Jonathan Steinberg and Candice Savin to uphold what we love about Westport while positioning our town, our families, and businesses for success in the coming years. Their commitment to serving all, results oriented leadership in challenging times, and combined in-depth knowledge of our town and state landscape, make them the leaders to successfully achieve our town goals with a broad repertoire of relevant approaches. With Jonathan and Candice as Selectmen, our Westport schools will be a top priority.

09. Becky Martin.png

       Over the years, Jonathan and Candi have not just listened to us, but have sought out our thoughts on special education and how our daughter can enjoy a life with as many opportunities as any other student in Westport. They have taken the time to understand the laws and the research—even the current debates in curricula—but, most importantly, how they affect our diverse and vibrant community of learners.

10. Brett Aronow.png

       Jonathan Steinberg and Candice Savin have the experience, strength and integrity to lead our community and make Westport better than ever. As the Chair of the Public Health Committee in the legislature, Jonathan helped guide our state through the pandemic and championed policies to protect the health of our students. Candice Savin’s leadership of the Board of Education was steadfast throughout her term, restoring trust and stability amongst the entire community. She led the Board through the pandemic and kept our students and faculty safe while keeping the doors of learning open. I have personally worked with Candice on the TEAM Westport schools group and have seen first-hand her unwavering dedication to the success of every child. This is the right team to lead Westport now.

11. Liz Falk.png

        The only choice in the upcoming election for Selectman is Steinberg and Savin. They both have a long history of excellent public service. Jonathan is a Westport native who has sent his children through our excellent schools. Candice led our Board of Education through this challenging time during Covid, keeping our students safe, and reopened Coleytown Middle School. Candice brought direction and efficiency to the Board of Ed.

Steinberg and Savin stand for honesty, safety, civility, and excellence. They lead with compassion and intelligence. They have earned my trust and I couldn't support them more. As a parent and a PTA member, I know that education is a priority for both of them. As a town member, I have seen Jonathan and Candice work and fight for all of our citizens, working to keep everyone safe throughout this pandemic.

If you want Westport to succeed, vote for Steinberg and Savin.

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